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The Construction of 3 Event-group Excellent Athletes’ Psychological Skill Evaluation Model

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Elite performance

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Presenter JIN YAN - Beijing Sport University (Postgraduate School of Beijin) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): White - 15        Date: 2 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: JIN YAN

Abstract Resume

Athlete’s psychological skill, which refers to athlete’s individual mental characteristics related to training and competition, and the ability to adjust and grasp psychological process considering
the needs of training and competition, is an important part of athlete’s competitive ability.So far, researches related to sports psychological skill have achieved a lot of theoretical results, and
some scholars have researched athletes’ sport-psychological skills in different events. Purpose: probe the classification of sports psychological skill for different event-group athletes. Method:
select athletes of 3 items respectively representing skill-dominant group (martial art), tactic-dominant group (basketball), physic-dominant group (speed skating).

1 Questionnaire survey  
The questionnaire adopts Sports Psychological Skill Inventory Scale (PSIS) revised by Mahoney in 1989. This scale is of good reliability and validity after detection of subsequent related scholars. It
contains 6 aspects: anxiety control (AX), concentration (CC), confidence (CF), mental preparation (MP), motivation (MV), and team orientation (TM).
2 Mathematical statistics
SPSS17.0 is adopted to process all data, do correspondent discriminant analysis, and construct corresponding discriminant analysis model.

1 The three different event-group excellent athletes have significant differences in sports psychological skills. In the aspect of anxiety control, speed skating’s score is apparently lower than
basketball and martial art. In the aspects of concentration, confidence, motivation and team orientation, basketball concentration gets the highest score. There is little gap among the 3 items in the
aspect of mental preparation.
2 The construction of different event-group athletes’ sports psychological skill evaluation model can effectively instruct different event-group athlete’s daily mental training, and can be used to
judge the psychological skill of different event-groups.

1 Theoretical research related to sports psychological skill
In the 1970s, some foreign scholars came up with “mental ability theory”, which is the prototype of “athletes’ psychological skill theory”. Sports psychological intelligence refers to athletes’
necessary mental ability in competitive context, which influences athletes’ performance in competition. In today’s training, mental ability training attaches equal importance to physical and skill
training. One of the hot problems of current research is how to improve athletes’ psychological skill, to show the training results in normal times, and even to do better, so that they can turn
failure to success when facing stress.
2 Enlightenment of sports psychological skill to daily psychological training
Research indicates that targeted sports psychological skill training can effectively improve the grades of gymnasts and basketball players. But as a significant factor to constitute psychological
quality, psychological skill provides useful basis of training theory, and chooses different special training to athletes of different items.

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