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Hunting and Chinese Monority Traditional Sports

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Sport history

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Presenter Sharula - No.36 middle school of Inner Mongolia, China (Physical training dept) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Gold - 19        Date: 2 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Sha Rula

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Background:Hunting is an important part of the nomadic culture. It is the main factor to give birth of national traditional sports and pushes the sports development. It is produced by
human evolution in the production, life and development of the long process of herd game: mutual competition between the human and the nature change unpredictably and continuous competition; human,s
competition of physical strength and intelligence in the natural environment and other biological launched; it is human’s challenge and surpass their physical fitness, skills, potential extreme
sports, is among man, nature, hunting prey through this behavior to achieve the dynamic balance and harmony, the laws of nature and of survival of the fittest in natural selection, survival of the
fittest in sports competition.

Methods:literature study, expert interviews, field survey method.

Results:According to study, this paper thinks that: shoot the willow, day of worship, dance and other activities are caused by hunting and ritual related national traditional sports.
Nomads generally believe in Shamanism, which is taken the natural worship as the main doctrines of the national religion. They often want to obtain the forces of nature are supported by some specific
rituals, and in the process to reach a consensus with the nature, so as to gain more prey. So the early types of sacrificial ceremony of nomadic people, many were caused by the behavior of hunting,
the long-term development of gradually evolved into the traditional ethnic sports. Hunting has associated with the folk culture which has caused the traditional sports, such as: the Shangsi section is
derived from the culture of hunting. National traditional sports is a comprehensive study of a simultaneously across multiple specialized, multidisciplinary.

Conclusions:only do a good job in the national traditional sports basic theory research, to handle well the relationship between the inheritance and development of traditional ethnic
sports, in order to provide a strong basis for the scientific development of modern traditional national sports, and provide reliable reference for the modernization of national traditional physical
culture development mode, which makes China's traditional sports in the modern in the process of blossom and charming, full of boundless vitality.

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