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Research on the System of Disabled Sports Fitness in Urban Communities

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Physical activity and health

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Presenter Jin Mei - Tianjin University of Sport (Sports and health department) - CN
WangJiahong - Soochow University of Sport (Institute of physical education) - CN
ChangFurong - Tianjin University of Sport (Graduate department) - CN
FUHui - Tianjin University of Sport (Department of Physical Education) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Yellow - 43        Date: 4 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: mei Jin

Abstract Resume

This study takes Tianjin as an example and disabled groups in the six communities as the research object. Centering on the service situation of physical exercise and the disabled people’s appeals,
this research looks into the composition, characteristics and physical exercise condition of the disabled as well as relevant service system for them. This can make the physical exercise work
targeting the disabled more specific, enhance the organization of these sports activities and provide fitness guidance and service for the disabled, so as to promote the physical fitness of the
disabled, bring the joy of exercise, confidence and perseverance to them.

This study mainly adopts the quantitative method which is supple mented by the qualitative method. The interview data is collected for the analysis of question naire results.

3.1.Present situation of physical exercise of the disabled in urban communities 
3.1.1 Policy support Tianjin’s government has issued relevant policies to protect the lawful rights and interests of the disabled.
3.1.2 Organization Physical exercise service for the disabled is mainly carried out by the community associations of the disabled. 
3.1.3 Funding In addition to the sources of funding and using that are specified in the government’s policy documents.
3.1.4 Tianjin urban communities provide two major types of exercise venues: one is the public fitness site while another is the center specifically for the disabled 
3.1.5Tianjin has held five courses for disabled sports fitness instructors.
3.1.6Tianjin hold “The disabled fitness week” along with the national disabled fitness week annually. 
3.2.Restricting factors of urban disabled sports service
3.2.1 The service range of community associations of the disabled is too large. Demand outweighs supply.
3.2.2 The lack of disabled sports instructors makes it hard to meet the needs of community disabled sports.
3.2.3 The lack of community venues and facilities for disabled sports. 
3.2.4 The limited source of funding constrains the work of community disabled sports.
3.2.5 The weak awareness of the disabled people to participate in sports.
4. Conclusion
4.1 Further popularize the disabled sports in the community and enrich relevant activities and services.
4.2 Enhance the training of disabled sports instructors, so that more disabled people can be instructed about the scientific way of doing sports.
4.3 Improve the construction of community sports facilities for the disabled and provide special venues for the disabled sports.
4.4.Broaden the channels to raise funds and tap into social capital and corporate sponsorship.
4.5 Carry out rich and colorful community sports activities, mobilize the enthusiasm of the disabled to participate in physical exercise.

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