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Experimental Study of Student Learning Influence by Optimizing Aerobic Course Teaching Environment

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Sport pedagogy

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Presenter WANG Huili - Wuhan Institute of Physical Education (Teaching and Researching Office of Aerobics) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Gray - 7        Date: 1 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Hui li WANG

Abstract Resume

Background:Through optimizing college aerobic course teaching environment by various methods, this paper researches teaching environment’s influence on aerobic course student
learning, which provides practical information for continuously improving college PE teaching environment and improving students' interest in participating in physical exercise.

Methods:Using literature, questionnaire, experiment, and mathematical statistics to investigate optimized teaching environment influence on 80 college aerobics students' learning in

Results: 1The meaning of physical education environment. 2 Comparative analysis of skill learning: it shows significant differences by comparing experimental group action score
(80.6±4.6) with contrast group score (75.4±4.2). Meanwhile, the experimental group's self-confidence, artistic expression, as a whole, is better than the contrast group students. 3 Comparative
analysis of class teaching environmental factors. 3.1 The classroom atmosphere: controlling by the same teacher, the classroom atmosphere of contrast group tends to be neutral and the classroom
atmosphere of experimental group tends to be supportive. Teachers play a dominant role in regulating the classroom atmosphere, and students play a main role in creating the classroom atmosphere. When
students take no interested exercise, decreased motivation and depression will make a negative classroom atmosphere. When students' learning motivation enhances and mood upsurges, it will make a
positive classroom atmosphere. 3.2 The relationship between teachers and students: Teachers in the contrast group only regard completing the teaching task as the main target, and little contact and
communicate with students; Teachers in the experiment group try hard to build up an understanding, cooperating and interacting relationship between teachers and students. The experiment result shows
that the interaction between students or teachers and students not only directly impacts the teaching effectiveness, but also imperceptibly influences the enrichment and development of the students'
individual. 3.3 the teaching equipment and sports facilities: Students in the experiment group use multimedia optimized combination teaching methods and all kinds of auxiliary equipment to make the
movement skills materialization and visualization, and create good conditions in students' perception, comprehending and memory. This novel teaching mode greatly enhance students' interest on
mastering athletic skills, mobilize students' learning initiative, and make the whole classroom atmosphere more active and full of youthful spirit.

Conclusions:The factors for the teaching and learning environment of calisthenics is like the classroom atmosphere, the relationship between teachers and students, the teaching
equipment , sports facilities and etc. And its optimal design has a positive impact on students.

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