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Kinematic Evaluation of Lower Limbs during Sprint Riding of Elite Female Cyclists

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Elite performance

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Presenter Jiangliang He - Shanghai Research Institute of Sports Science (The Center of Competitive Sports Research ) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): White - 17        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: JUNLIANG HE

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Background:Speed capability is the most important capabilities for cyclists, which include explosiveness and speed endurance. Sprint riding is a common method used in short-distance
cyclists speed capability training. Lower limb kinematic parameters and their changes reflect the character of different cyclists. This study is to investigate the lower limbs kinematics
characteristics of female elite cyclists during sprint riding.

Methods:Four elite female track cycling athletes(2 of them were Olympic players) underwent a 45s sprint riding by LOOK 496 track bicycle on a roller. The data of this riding collected
by three-dimensional motion capture system and SRM system. The three-dimensional motion capture system consisted of 9 cameras(OCUS 400, Qualisys company). Sampling frequency was 120Hz. Subjects were
required to keep the whole horse, and do their best to complete each foot pedal. This study selected bike cadence, pedal speed and lower limbs joint range of motion (ROM) as evaluation index. The test
results were divided into start stage middle stage and end stage.

Results:Through the whole cadence curve, athlete Zhong’s curve duration above 140rpm was 30.5s, athlete Gu’s curve duration above 140rpm was 30s, and athlete Yao’s curve duration
above 140rpm also was 30s. In pedal speed, athlete Zhong was the only one who could reach 2.8m/s in two stages (start stage 2.85m/s and middle stage 2.88m/s). In the end stage, ankle ROM of athlete
Zhong, Gu and Yao was much smaller than start stage, and hip ROM was larger than start stage. Particularly in the two athletes Gu and Yao, ankle ROM decline exceeded 10 ° (Gu was 23.789 °, Yao was
16.931 °).

Conclusions:Bike cadence, pedal speed and lower limbs ROM could evaluate the technique of riding. In the end stage, athletes’ ankle ROM decreased, but high level athlete has a smaller
decline which indicated that the decline of ankle ROM is one of the factors affecting the speed of the women bicycle athletes.

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