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Research on the Reuse of Winter Olympic Venues after Games

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Sport development

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Presenter TENG LENG - Beijing Sport University (Department of Management) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Red - 19        Date: 1 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Teng Leng

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With the development of Olympic Agenda and acquaintance of host cities in which construction of venues can exert an influence on urban development,the construction and post-games exploitation and
utilization of Winter Olympic venues present some new features which is not only form their own rules,but hand on and improve session by session.From the Calgary Winter Olympics in 1988 appeared the
first winter Olympic Park,to the 2014 Sochi Olympic Park achieve a great success in post-games operation,the development of the winter Olympic venues has entered a new historical period.In this
period,the construction and exploitation and utilization of Winter Olympic venues integrates with the host city tightly.It provides more public sport and leisure space for residents in winter,as the
same as winter travel destination for tourists.What is more,it promoted construction of urban infrastructure which accelerated development of district and the urban renewal.Additionally,the modes of
management depended on sport management system combining various roles of main bodies,which can be classified three modes:government-led,business-led,and juridical association-led.The choice of  which
mode should be taken lied on diversity national management system.After that,property right of venue could be clarity,while it turns into the phase of exploitation of venue.In terms of
exploitation,Olympic venues should be exploited which treated as a sort of special source and product,including the exploitation of functions and values of venues,making Winter Olympic venues exert
efficiency to the maximum extent by exploitation of a definite range of products and projects.The functions and values of venues are deemed to be contents of exploitation,while a definite range of
products and projects are intended to be approaches of exploitation.


Base on the differences between the backgrounds and concept of host cities,each Winter Olympics has its own characteristic,which makes the mode not exactly the same and cannot repeat all the
time,while each scheme has general patterns and rules of Winter Olympic venues that can be refined and concluded.In terms of handling the cases of previous Winter Olympic Games,this paper disseminates
respectively firstly,then sum up the general laws which apply to most Olympic venues.In the first part,historical facts are described in terms of session from the whole concept;In the second part,it
specify the cor-relativity between the construction and post-games exploitation and utilization;In the third part,focusing on the commonality and laws of post-games exploitation and utilization.

By comparing the different modes of management and operation of previous Olympic venues since 1988,we can learn some lessons about construction and exploitation and utilization of Winter Olympic
venues,then reasoning out the trend of exploitation and utilization of further Winter Olympic venues to Provide the theoretical basis and practical eases.

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