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The analysis on the technique and tactics of Ma long in the men’s singles final of 53th world tabletennis Championships

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Elite performance

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Presenter Liu Jie - Physical Education College of Zhengzhou University (department of scientific research) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): White - 30        Date: 2 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Liu Jie

Abstract Resume

The research is going to get the advantages and weaknesses of technique and tactics which Ma long has used in the match. It is not only to work for the Rio 2016, but also to provide reference to
further improve and   consummate open-grip player technique and tactics system.
Applying the research methods of documentary, video observation, three-phase method, statistics and others to summarize and analyze the technique and tactics of Ma long in the men’s singles final of
53th Su Zhou world tabletennis Championships.
(1)	His serve has a strong rotation and usually works well. The serve mode which he likes better is chop and side spin pendulum with forehand in sideways. The routes and drop points of middle&short
serve change uncertain, so it’s hard to receive for the opponents. His serve can not only score directly, but also provide a better score chance for the third bat;
(2)	He showed excellent performances in serve-then-aggress part and got a high scoring percentage&usage percentage. He is good at scoring and positive in receive-then-aggress part. And scoring rate is
great; the usage rate is at normal level. The scoring ability in stalemate segment is relative shortage. The scoring percentage &usage percentage is poor;
(3)	His attacking consciousness is not enough and he always uses drop shot and rubs a long as control techniques when he receives. It’s lack of threat for the opponents because Ma long’s negative.
Backhand twist and forehand flick are the useful techniques when he receives;
(4)	He has a strong attacking consciousness and strives for the ball cruelly in the third bat. His scoring ability is really good in the attacking, and he plays the ball smart in diversity technique
and tactics. Forehand drive and sideways forehand drive are his main attacking methods. The slash strike path is beautiful and useful. The drop points primarily locate at backhands of opponents;
(5)	He also has a good offensive consciousness in stalemate segment. He strikes positively but achieves poor scoring effect. If he can change the strike path and use the forehand strike, it will get a
varied drop points and takes more difficulty to opponents.
We put forward the following suggestions on the results of the above study:
(1)	Ma long should keep the following advantages, such as:①the excellence attacking consciousness ;②the strong rotation and useful serve;③the accurate and faster attacking third bat etc.
(2)	He should enhance the attacking practice when he receives. He also should employ more twist and flick and combine the Hi-Q drop shot and long rubs when he deals with the short balls. He can bold
use sway skimming technology to add more difficulty to opponents;
(3)	He should strengthen the strength and rotation training in middle&long drive on the basis of strong attacking consciousness and active direction changes in stalemate segment. He also should
reinforce the variation of opposite-strike pace and path. He should enhance the forehand ability after sideways strike.

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