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Comparative Study of Chinese and Japanese Preschool Physical Education

Abstract Theme

Sport and quality of life for adolescence and aging

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Oral presentation

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Presenter Cheng Jinyu - Wuhan Sports University (International Education College) - CN

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Room: Venus        Date: 1 September        Time: 15:00:00        Presenter: Jinyu Cheng

Abstract Resume

Background: Preschool education is the beginning stage of education, which plays an important role for children's growth and future development. Preschool physical education plays a
fundamental role in preschool education, Japanese preschool education has not only a long history, but also the world-class level, this paper aims to make a comparative study of Chinese and Japanese
preschool physical education, and to explore the direction for the improvement of preschool physical education in China.
Methods: The methods of literature consultation, questionnaire investigation, mathematical statistics, and on-the-spot investigation are adopted in the paper.
Results:1)Social consciousness: Both the Chinese and Japanese preschool physical education are deeply influenced by the social consciousness: the Japanese emphasis on scientific and
challenging physical education; while the Chinese preschool physical education emphasis more on safety education, there are more restrictions for children.
2)Laws and regulations: Japan attaches great importance to preschool education legislation, and the implementation of scientific management in accordance with laws and regulations; while in China, the
relevant legal system is not perfect, and the legal efficiency is not high.
3)Sports facilities: Japanese preschool education emphasizes the natural environment and facilities, and the materials are simple; while the China education focuses on games under full protection of
instrument, mostly taking a fix-designed pattern and repetitive movements.
4)Financial inputs: Japanese preschool education financial inputs is higher than that of China; and there are huge regional differences in financial investment in China.
Conclusions: Chinese government should continue providing policy and economic support for preschool physical education, and improve the preschool physical education system; the
kindergarten should attach great importance to children’s preschool physical education fundamentally, and make innovations in teaching contents and teaching forms.

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