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Research on the advertising strategy of the broadcast of sports events in China

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Sport development

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Presenter Yuanyuan Liu - Wuhan sports university (School of Journalism and communication ) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Red - 11        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Yuanyuan Liu

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Background:This article focuses on the change of advertising forms from the aspect of integrated marketing. The advertising forms of Guangzhou Evergrande in the FIFA Club World Cup
are given as an example. In the examples we studied the change of advertising forms and its following effects. It will provide future guidance for the future change of advertising form in
Methods:Literature review, survey, interview, case study
Results:3.1 Integrating marketing is the integration of independent marketing, and maximizing profits through synergy.
3.2 Sport and activity products. While integrating the resources, it was found that every sport activity requires large amount of sport products
3.3 Sports area and location. No matter watching the game at the stadium or by living broadcast, the sponsor brands are clearly visible, such as Alibaba E-Auto. 
3.4 Content of reports. Due to space limitations, only a small proportion of the audience could see the game at the stadium. As a result, winning TV broadcast right is important. For example, Whaley
and China Sports Media built strategy alliance, and they won the Club World Cup internet TV (OTT) exclusive broadcasting right in mainland China.
3.5 Sports prints. During the sports event, many products could be taken full advantage through sports broadcasting, invitation letter and handbag. They could add additional commercial functions. 
3.6 The use of advertising. The information is composed of small units, which can impact the audience in different ways. One example is the ad placement in broadcast networks.  
3.7 Sports title. Alibaba E-Auto replaced Toyota to officially name the Club World Cup. It reached an agreement with FIFA. The following effect is the large flow of capital into the sport industry.
The Guangzhou Evergrande team was also renamed Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Team, which had a strong impact on the audience.
Conclusions:4.1 Sports events provide great business opportunity for advertising. Advertising takes the advantage of other industries through sports events. The interest of the public
is inspired and the brand reputation is enhanced through commercial promotion.
4.2 The three-dimensional broadcasting enhances the advertising value. Multi-directional stereo reflects various forms of advertising, such as live TV and internet broadcast, and news report. Sports
broadcasting is not only broadcasting the game, more importantly, it is to obtain the exclusive report power through broadcasting. The stereo form could thus improve the advertising value, and bring
more benefits.
4.3 Developing advertising suit, choose service at one’s own will. Media business should join witheach other. Even if the exclusive resources could not be shared with other media during the event, it
is applicable to charge a reprint fee for broadcast later.
4.4 Joint advocacy with sports column. Since sports columns are professional and responsive, they obtain high attention from sport fans.
4.5 Enhancing the evaluation of the advertising effect. From the study of advertising effect, personalized advertisements cater better to the market.

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