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Management Capacity at Sport and Recreation Facilities at Local Government Level

Abstract Theme

Governance and policy

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Oral presentation

Abstract Authors

Presenter Anneliese Goslin - University of Pretoria (Sport and Leisure Studies) - ZA
Darlene A Kluka - Barry University, FL (School of Human Performance and Leisure Sciences) - US
Gontse Sere - University of Pretoria (Sport and Leisure Studies) - ZA

Presentation Details

Room: Marte        Date: 3 September        Time: 18:00:00        Presenter: Anneliese Goslin

Abstract Resume

The mandate of public local government is to provide services to constituents to improve overall quality of life. Local governments are increasingly pressured to provide services that reflect value
for taxpayers’ money and promise sustainable development.  Sustainable development is, in turn, dependent upon quality decisions by political leaders and management capacity of civil servants

This study aimed to (1) determine the management capacity profile at sport and recreation facilities on local government level; and to (2) identify areas of concern related to management capacity. A
quantitative, case study research design with a non-probability purposive sample (n=8) was used. Although the purposive sample of eight recreation and sport facility managers is small, these
respondents were responsible for managing 68% of the sport and recreation facilities within the scope of this investigation. Data was collected using the criteria-based Capacity Analysis Tool
self-reporting questionnaire consisting of 88 sub-elements over eight dimensions of management capacity (leadership, governance and strategy; administration and human resources; finances and budget of
the facility; project design, management and evaluation; technical capacity; advocacy and networking; community ownership and accountability and fundraising) and has a Cronbach Alpha value of 0.89

Results indicated that the internal systemic management capacity of the particular department in this investigation measured unsatisfactory ( ≤ 2.50) in five of the eight management dimensions. While
three dimensions scored satisfactory ( ≥2.50), the overall collective management capacity score for all eight dimensions was unsatisfactory at  =2.33.

As scholars proved a link between management capacity and organizational performance, it can be concluded that sustainable development and decision making might  be compromised at sport and recreation
facilities. The management capacity profile obtained from this study can be used as baseline from which management practices and capacity at sport and recreation facilities can be further developed.

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