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Effectiveness of a Short-term Functional Strength Training Program on Fitness Performance in Girls Aged 15-17 years

Abstract Theme

Sport and quality of life for adolescence and aging

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Oral presentation

Abstract Authors

Presenter Ting Liao - Wuhan Sports University (Sports Training ) - CN
WeiTao Zheng - Wuhan Sports University (Hubei Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center for Exercise and Health Promoti) - CN
Gai Li - Central China Normal University (School of Sports Science ) - CN

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Room: Marte        Date: 3 September        Time: 14:20:00        Presenter: Ting Liao

Abstract Resume

With the prevalence of functional training in competitive sports, it has become a focus to strengthen the function of strength training and serve the physical health youth. Functional strength
training of youth, compared with competitive sports whose aim at competition, should emphasis on the maximal development of integrated function of motor system. Based on the characteristics of
integrated development of body function of adolescents, we present two developmental key points: the mutual promotion of skill acquisition and strength of skeleton and muscle should be focused on and
Comprehensive guide on functional strength training of adolescents should be considered physically and mentally. The purpose of this investigation was to compare the effects of a 8-week training
period of functional strength training (FST) with traditional resistant training (TRT) on fitness performance in girls of the high school.

Forty healthy girls (mean age 15.21 ± 1.73, height 162.13 ± 6.22, weight 52.01 ± 9.28) from Guanshan senior high school volunteered to take part in this experiment. The methods and procedures used in
this study were approved by the Administration board of Guanshan High School. Experimental students (n=20) performed an group of FST Program (10 elementary functional strength exercises in first 4
weeks and advanced 10 exercises in the following 4 weeks) , while control students (n=20) perform TRT exercise (20 exercises categorized into elementary and advanced applied during different two
4-weeks). The training duration per session for both groups was 45 min. Three times a week. At baseline and after training all girls were tested on the Sit-Ups (SU), Push-Ups (PU), Long Jump (LJ), 15m
Shuttle Run (15SR), Sit and Reach (SR).

The results of data indicated that applying FST program in girls PF teaching area, instead of applying TRT can significantly increase students’ skill and physical performance (p<0.01). The FST group
made significantly greater improvement than TRT in SU (6.2 vs. 0.9), PU (2.1 vs. 0.2), LJ (0.16 m vs. 0.04 m), 15SR (-0.21 sec vs. -0.01 sec), SR (3.17 cm vs. 0.31 cm) after training periods.

Incorporate functional strength training into the senior high school’s physical education curriculum is a safe, beneficial fitness means, which was proved to be more effective than traditional
resistance training in upper and lower body’ strength, core strength, agility and flexibility in girls. Interesting style, progressive difficulty level, rich and varied environment is very important
in designing functional strength programs. Owing to continuous decline in physical fitness of youth in china and urgent implication needs, further research should be explore long-term and large-scale
samples to achieve more confident evident of functional strength training methods.

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