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Analysis on Development Predicament of China Golf

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Sport development

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Presenter Wang Meng - Physical Education College of Zhengzhou University (department of sports tourism and foreign language) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Red - 15        Date: 1 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: wang meng

Abstract Resume

As an elegant sport, golf has formed particular sports culture phenomenon and social phenomenon after 3 decades of development in China (take the first standard 18-hole golf course in 1984 as the
china golf origin): (1) the amounts of standard 18-hole golf courses increased from almost 100 in 2004 to more than 600 in 2014 with the injunction of Chinese government; (2) golf is called "noble
sport" in China and the hitting price for a round hold at high price. But the whole rounds for hitting are steadily increase year by year; (3) golf insiders speak highly of the China golf development,
but the social public has the negative comment ;(4) a characteristic social phenomenon, golf is combined with ‘corruption’ ;(5) the golf related industry develop rapidly ,such as golf education,
training, sports events, elite players ,media etc.
The above description signifies china golf had got great advancement, and it also suffered enormous problems. Especially under the Chinese government take a series of high pressure measures from 2014,
China's golf industry is experiencing a ‘cold snap’. What’s wrong with current predicament of china golf? The research analysis it in depth with the methods of documentation, questionnaires,
interviews with experts and logical analysis.
(1)The core dominant lead is the nongovernmental sectors since creation of china golf to the present. It is completely different from other sports in china. Most of them are administrated by the
(2)The management mode &principles between nongovernmental sectors and Government management are totally different. In this way, it produces a special china golf current situation that golf insiders’
grievance and government’s high-handed policy. The marketing depend development idea not only achieved a not bad results, but also got a huge negative effects to golf and Chinese society. The courses
and luxury clubs of high standard and consumption block the middle class out. The practical status that golf services for minority group easily sustains yawp from mainstream social media;
(3)A key controlling factor for golf is courses. In china, it means land. While land in China under the current management system is an absolute state-owned. China Ministry of Land and Resources had
issued documents about forbid providing land to golf with other national ministries and commissions since 2004. It can be speculated that there are corruptions in the golf courses construction.
As widespread corruption is exposed, it seriously constrained the development of china golf.
In essence, the core restricted factors for china golf development is nongovernmental governance deviates from government management. In another word, social requirements and the government’s did not
match with each other. How to make the social requirements match the government’s, how to let nongovernmental governance correspond with government management are the new proposition or the china golf
researchers, administrators and impellers.

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