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Research on the Design and Application of Youth Football Games

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Sport pedagogy

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Presenter Yan Hong - Chengdu Sport University (Physical Education Department) - CN
Jin Yan - Chengdu Sport University (Foreign Languages Department) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Gray - 13        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Hong Yan

Abstract Resume

Game is a kind of effective, popular form for teenagers in physical education and sports training. Many years ago, Menotti, the Argentine football coach, made it clear that “the game is the soil of
cultivating elite football players”. As a leading country in the world of football, Argentina has excellent ideas and experience in sports training. It is a consensus and an inevitable choice to adopt
the policy of systematic planning and cultivating young football talents. In recent years, football has become popular and vigorous on Chinese campus, and has also been included as a course at many
schools and universities. The purpose of this study is to stimulate teenagers’ interest in football and cultivate their sportsmanship by being involved in the game. The study also tries to explore the
characteristics of football, adding the game to various kinds of activities so as to help young players master techniques and skills in football as well as enhance their physical fitness and
comprehensive capacity. With the integrity of physical education teaching theory and practical experience, the study highlights the unique features of sports games in Chinese campus football
activities, which will provide guidance for the development of Chinese campus football in future.

Literature review, experimental method, logic analysis

1. Football game meets the need of youngsters, who are very active and energetic to play games and quick to imitate and learn what they are interested in. Thus football game can bring benefits to
their physical and mental development.
2.The priority for a football coach is to cultivate the personality of football players when they are young. The young players should be allowed to exert their potentials and take initiatives to form
a positive atmosphere in the team when being trained in group.
3. The development of football consciousness can be regarded as the core of youth football game, as it mainly covers the following issues, such as an integrated design about the physical, technical,
and tactical aspects, and its application.

1. Football games is a good activity which allows young people to enjoy the sport and build up their physiques, so as to achieve the comprehensive development of human being. 
2. Football games can help young people make full best of the benefits of football, improve their understanding in football skills, tactics and promote training methods and effects by enhancing their
interest and enabling them to have wonderful experience in the game
3. The principles of the design should agree with the physical and mental development characteristics of young people, which mean they should be natural, flexible and variable.
4. A sound design of football games can improve the level of development of youth football training, and promote the future of football in China.

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