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Inspiration and influence on sports news from interactive virtual community sports fans group

Abstract Theme

Sport sociology

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Presenter Du Qian - Chengdu sports university (Department of Journalism) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Green - 26        Date: 1 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: qian du

Abstract Resume

Today's media sports and professional sports is developing rapidly, so sports events centered fans groups appeared. Throughout the study, experts and scholars on the virtual community sports fans
group, are mainly on the interaction between virtual community sports fans groups,  the role of opinion leaders, the degree of trust among sports fans, the fan's belonging to the virtual community,
these are all internal research of fans groups. Even the extension study from the internal to the external of virtual community sports fans groups, is also limited to the unidirectional impact of
sports news on fans. I believe that the impact of interaction between fans groups and sports news is bidirectional. So the author questions: What is the inspiration and implications on sports news and
practitioners from interaction between virtual community sports fans groups´╝č
Virtual community fans groups gathered all sports fans together, including sports news editors, writers and so on who involved in sports news reports.The author hopes to study the harvest of sports
news practitioners in the virtual community sports fans and how they display the internal interaction of virtual community sports fans.

Observation method, interview method, text analysis

The author entering a lot of large capacity and high attention virtual community sports fans found that the internal interaction of virtual community sports fans had important inspiration and
influence in the process of sports news report three stages. First of all, in the source stage, the reporter is limited at the scene of the sports competition. Audience which go to the scene probably
get faster and more comprehensive information than sports journalists. In addition, professional sports fans may be more in-depth understanding in a local than local media practitioners and may
provide unexpected information in the interaction of virtual community sports fans. Second, in the virtual community sports fans, it would generate intense interaction when the source opened. in the
virtual community, sports fans may have questions. According to the questions of these sports fans, the news practitioner can make the report to meet the needs of sports fans. Again, after news
reports ,sports news journalists can make a summary of the content and the way of the report by the discussion of the sports fans in the virtual community, which is beneficial to the future work.

Through the analysis of the above phenomenon, the author thinks that virtual community sports fans among the influence of the interaction between sports news reporting is a two-way street. Internal
interaction of virtual community sports fans can be revealed in daily news reports which have journalists participated in. In source,before news reports and after news reports three stages, virtual
community sports fans interaction has important inspiration and influence. Improving the living conditions of the virtual community sports fans and interaction effect can help to improve the quality
of sports news report.

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