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Effect of physical exercise on stress relaxation and attention of College Students

Abstract Theme

Sport psychology

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Oral presentation

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Presenter Li You - Jiangxi Normal University (Physical Education Institute) - CN

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Room: Merc├║rio        Date: 2 September        Time: 14:00:00        Presenter: Li You

Abstract Resume

Background:Since 1930s, The human society has been facing the more and more serious environmental problems.College students psychological pressure is in the rapid development of the
peak. Long-tern psychological stress brought on by bullying could make them vulnerable to sickness.People should pay more and more attention to the research on the psychological pressure.Then how to
reduce or control the psychological pressure on students to maintain their physical and mental health of college students life education has became one of the most sensitive issue. While the school
physical exercise is an important part of students' life, it plays an important role in promoting the students' Psychological Health.
Methods:The research object will be divided into ten male college students sports group and non sports group, research methods as literature data method and experimental method,
experiment of effect index is to relax the EEG biological feedback index (alpha brain waves), attention (SMR EEG) as effect indicators. Using bio feedback instrument to detect the sports group and non
physical brain wave amplitude change, embodied as relaxation (alpha brain waves), attention (SMR EEG). The specific method is: college students use the instrument in a quiet state, into the
biofeedback therapy system pressure management interface, through the pressure management to adapt to the stress management section, treatment section, stress management the relaxing section the three
sections to test subjects. Each test time is 20 minutes.
Results:Biofeedback test data analysis of the major college sports group and the non sporting group left (a) and right (b). This is because the study is a test of physical exercise on
stress relaxation and concentration and (b) the right brain is mainly responsible for thinking in images, the representation is based on imaginative thinking; and the left side of the brain (a) is
mainly responsible for the logic, computational thinking.
Conclusions:Mainly reflects the alpha wave of relax. By comparing the numerical amplitude in the two groups, indicating relaxation of alpha wave contrast showed significant
difference. In our test (m group sports) is less than F group (non sporting group). The reason may be due to the different students learning and living environment, caused by the pressure is not a.
Said the attention of SMR wave numerical performance is generally are relatively large, the result is group sports (m) is less than F group (non sporting group).

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