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Care and Management of Athletes Medical Issues among East African Universities

Abstract Theme

Sport medicine and injury prevention

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Abstract Authors

Presenter Francis Mundia Mwangi - Kenyatta University (Recreation Management and Exercise Science) - KE
Mary Mwihaki - Kenyatta University (Physical and Health Education) - KE
Lucy-Joy Wachira - Kenyatta University (Physical and Health Education) - KE
Edna Thangu - Kenyatta University (Recreation Management and Exercise Science) - KE
Elijah Gitonga Rintaugu - Kenyatta University (Recreation Management and Exercise Science) - KE

Presentation Details

Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Black - 15        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Francis Mwangi

Abstract Resume

Care and management of athletes’ medical issues are key tasks for the people in charge of sports competitions. Management recommendations for prevention, treatment, care, and rehabilitation of sports
related medical conditions are well documented and have been under constant review. However there is paucity of information on how various levels of sports managers comply with these guidelines.
Questionnaire was used to collect information related to team medical care during East African universities sports competitions. Teams’ managers from 16 universities were asked in confidence to give
details on the qualifications and competencies of the person/s in charge of athletes’ medical care in their delegations. Institutions sports team delegation had as in charge of athletes’ medical
care;Physician; 0%, Certified Athletics trainer; 0%, Certificate in First Aid, 50%, Not certified; 25%, Physiotherapist; 6.25%, Nurse; 12.5%, None; 6.25%. Only 12.5% of institutions had a certified
person in charge of athletes’ medical care for every of their sports discipline team. Most of the institutions delegations (75%) had at least one First Aid kit in form of a lockable box/bag for
storing medications and materials. However, most of them contained topical preparations (mainly antiseptics), and local anesthetics and topical agents for minor pain. Other related materials in the
team medical package included bandages, accessories (scissors, razor, safety pins). Hardly there were any records of each time medication was dispensed or any confidential lockable file/folder for the
same.The team managers were not in a position to tell whether there were any of the active ingredients of the medications in their medical package which is in the WADA’s list of banned substances.
There is under investment in the area of team care and management among the East African university sports. This calls for policy development and implementation of recommended guidelines in training
and professional practice, as well as regulation of the area of athletes’ medical care and management among the study population.

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