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Discuss about the cause and strategy of the moral deficiency of Chinese athletes

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Sport ethics and integrity

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Presenter Gaohaokun - Chengdu Sport University (Department of journalism) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Gold - 4        Date: 4 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: haokun gao

Abstract Resume

Background:The establishment of Chinese market economy system pour new opportunity and activity into Chinese sports.The excellent representation which the athlete did in the sports
match reflect the high quality level of Chinese athletes.Nevertheless,there exist many problems about Chinese sports,particularly some occurrence that disobey sportsmanship happening to athletes.This
article regarding the deficiency of athletes as the object of research, exploring the cause of this appearance and offering the strategy and suggestion.

Methods:The research method of this dissertation mainly include literature analysis,expert interviews and case study method. In this paper, always adhere to the principle of combining
qualitative and quantitative analysis, to the scientific and objectivity which research results.

Results:Among the reasons for the moral deficiency of Chinese athletes,we can probe into from five aspects:1. Deviation of the Sport system.”national sports system”in China combine
national interests with Sports closely.However, the principle of supremacy of national interests conduced the unfair and inequitable selection system of athletes.2.Influence of economy system.the
establishment of the socialist market economy system raising the enthusiasm of athletes.However,it also influence and strike the sports morality of athletes.The interests would drive athlete to do
some false things.3.The lagging of relevant legislation.Without the compulsive guarantee of law,moral chaos and irregular self-management would become inevitable during the game.4,The shortage of
moral education.In China,the athletes' education focus on improvement of skills.This principle unilaterally pay attention to athlete’s achievement in match,often neglect the culture study and moral
cultivation.5.Weak organizational regulation. Sports organization needs not just internal oversight,what’s important is supervision of external groups and society.Sports administrators have some wrong
ideas,such as the eagerness for quick success.6.The irregularity of reward and punishment mechanism.Reward and punishment can effectively control sports morality.But Chinese athletes’ s rewards and
punishment mechanism evaluate by “Championitis”and achievement is unfair.

Conclusions:The phenomenon of moral deficiency of Chinese athletes happens oftentimes,this article consider the cause of this phenomenon is the shortage of
politics,economics,laws,morality and organizational regulation.Therefore, for purpose of change this situation,there are some suggestions as following:Primarily,weaken the relationship between
politics and Sports,carrying out the spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair which regard the Olympic tenets as the core.Secondly,establish a set of reward and punishment mechanism adapted to market
economy system.Meanwhile,strengthen relevant construction of sports laws and regulations,so as to govern athletes’ ideology morality.Then,supplemented by sports moral education to enhance the level of
morality and culture.In the end, intensify the  supervision of sports organizations to ensure that it won’t affect the transformation of athletes’moral idea.

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