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Research on the Development of Non-Olympic Sports from the Perspective of Polycentric Governance Theory

Abstract Theme

Sport sociology

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Oral presentation

Abstract Authors

Presenter ZhangTingxiao - Dalian University of Technology (Institute of Higher Education) - CN
Xiaoling - Dalian University of Technology (School of Humanities and Law) - CN
Yuwenqian - Dalian University of Technology (Institute of Higher Education) - CN

Presentation Details

Room: Terra        Date: 4 September        Time: 18:00:00        Presenter: Zhang Tingxiao

Abstract Resume

After Beijing Olympics games, the Olympic fever in China is gradually
replaced by the craze for national fitness. And non-Olympic sports, with numerous participants, become one impetus for such craze. However, under the influence of the widespread concept that Olympic
sports take the priority, the development of non-Olympic sports is much restrained and people’s interest in these sports is on the decline.

By adopting such methods as literature reviews, logical analysis and expert interviews, this paper focuses on non-Olympic sports and explores problems existing in the development of these sports as to
fully understand their
status quo, and provide solid theoretical foundation for the study on promoting non-Olympic sports and further growth of sports cause.

It’s revealed by the research that the development of non-Olympic sports is mainly restrained by four factors including inadequate promotion,imbalanced sports policy-making, the deficiency in resource
reserve of non-Olympic
sports, and the lack of attention to the development of traditional ethnic sports.

This paper intends to apply the polycentric governance theory to the sports field, establish the polycentric governance pattern, enhance the status of non-Olympic sports, and optimize the development
structure to make non-Olympic sports develop rationally. In order to increase the publicity of non-Olympic sports, and make more and more people accept such concepts as developing these sports,
improving national fitness and constructing powerful sports nation, it’s suggested to make national policies which set the polycentric governance pattern on non-Olympic sports, distribute resources
according to such pattern, promote non-Olympic sports through media, and frequently introduce traditional ethnic non-Olympic sports to the world.

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